X313  1.0
Excel add-in for piping engineers

This function needs to be used once only after starting a trial or purchasing a license. If the license is not activated, the add-in will not function properly or may cease working after a period of time.


No.Item Metric U.S. Description
1 Serial no. - - The serial number which was supplied by Xtrados, either for a trial or with a license purchase.




After you enter this function, X313 will attempt to contact its server. A message will be displayed in-cell to indicate whether activation was successful or not. Note: It is recommended to quit Excel and restart it after activation to ensure that all X313 functions become fully operable.

You can copy and paste this function together with the serial number from the license email supplied.

If multiple licenses were purchased at the same time, those licenses will all be covered by the same serial number. However the add-in will still need to be activated on each machine.

Activation is only required once per machine (not per user), however to move between a trial and a full license you need to re-activate with a full license key. If you have problems activating, please contact us.